The tenets are the most basic and essential guidelines for the philosophy of the Art of Taekwondo. These tenets are expected to govern student behavior in class as well as at home. 


1. 여의 Ye-ue (Courtesy)

Being kind and well-mannered. Respect.

      2. 염치 Yeomchi (Integrity)

Having good character and ethics. Truthfulness.

          3. 인내 Innae (Perseverance)

Never giving up. Committing to one’s goals

despite hardship.

         4. 극기 Geukgi (Self Control)

Subjecting one’s thoughts and emotions

to one’s greater objective. Focus. 

     5. 백절불굴 Baekjeolbulgul

(Indomitable Spirit)

Emitting the energy of being strong and

unbreakable. Confidence.

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